#086 Innerview

augusti 12, 2021 Bengt No comments exist

A conversation with Kevin James, musician and leader of Chanting Circles. We talk about to stop the fight and give your gift, about what presence is, about cleaning the mind, about the need of distracting yourself, about the intimate connection between acceptance and love, about letting go and not knowing, about how love and the self seems to be different facets of the same thing, about finding a way to think that serves you, about how to take the power out of the bullshit thoughts, about the healing in music, about how presence takes away boredom, about how we create ourself and our world by thinking, about cleaning the mind of junk, about choosing faith, about growing as a human being, about creating a character for your crazy thoughts and – about the serious importance of humor.

If you want to know more about Kevin, know where his next chanting circle will be, listen to his music or come in contact with him, visit his website.

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