#017 Colibris

juli 10, 2018 Bengt No comments exist

A conversation with the therapist Astrid Brinck about how to develop happiness, creativity and peace, both in ourselves and in the world. We cover many topics regarding how we work with ourselves and others; as individuals, couples and groups. We focus on the inner ghosts that follow us and how they can be turned in to our allies. We talk about feminine leadership, the importance of closing circles, on giving birth and letting go, to have a love affair with uncertainty, to look for happiness where it is, to be a responsible victim and how to do your part, as the colibri does.

Astrid Brinck is a contemporary teacher and integrative therapist from Chile. Her work blends the traditional and non-traditional perspectives for human awakening and self mastery. She has two websites astridbrinck.com and innerfreedominstitute.org

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